Nearly Caught....

A few years back I was doing my HSC. I was studying for my Ancient History exam which was that afternoon and I decided to have a break. My girlfriend was there so we decided to ****. It was the first time we did it in the day time. It was great. I enjoyed the fact that while the bed was shaking and she was moaning we could hear people walking and talking outside, unbeknownst to them.

It just made me harder knowing that. Until we heard the deadlock unlock. My bedroom was right next to that front door and my door was open. I jumped off her, pulled some jeans on and a top while she found her clothes. Walked out to see who it was.

My brother had come home early... We started talking about what he has been up to and my studies while I was my hands. I then realise to my horror that my condom was no longer on!!!!

Which then lead me back to my room to let her know. Freaking it might still be in her. She freaked out and looked around the bed because she didn't feel it inside her. I then found it... On my Ancient history text book! Thank god for plastic covers!!!!
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Since I am creepy reading all your stories lol this made me laugh thank you x

Tisk, tisk. Should of close the locked the door.... But that is a bit thrilling.

Very thrilling. My brother would of probably walked in on us otherwise!