We spend all our lives bound to our emotions. We act on them, we struggle with them and we live by them. They restrict us with these invisible tethers and demand we bend to their will. Every culture is sculpted to the various things humans feel and want to feel. Happiness, greed, joy, excitement, power, control - all of these(and more) shape our desires, our fear, even what we hate and love. Our emotions, along with the frontal lobe, shape us. They make us human. In simple terms, the frontal lobe grants us the ability to think over what we've just encountered. With it, we've birthed logic, intelligence, faith and beliefs.

Now, people say we aren't perfect. But aren't we? Try to imagine yourself without any emotions. No aspirations, hope, love, happiness, fear, anguish, lust, nothing. We would be nothing. What is perfection if not us? Right and wrong are our own standards. Two ways of thinking, in other words. Does it really have any weight? We've created this fantasy world called society where we establish rules and punish those who break the rules. I wonder if it really even matters. We've so much in our hands. We can't even compare it to anything because there's nothing even remotely close. We say nothing is perfect. MAybe nothing else is perfect compared to us. We're humbled by our own dreams, things we don't have but would be incredible if we did. We set the bar incredibly high to inspire ourselves. Look at what we've accomplished because of our dreams? We've travelled into space, we've made flight possible. Is there really a limit to our potential? Affliction and sickness are merely obstacles we have to overcome. We've got the potential to do anything, in time.

Some stuff I've been thinking about. Let me know what you think.
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I think this is amazing! What a great perspective, thank you for sharing.

This is actually like really true. I think about that sometimes but you put it into words.