For most people, the world is black and white; right or wrong. They think things are either one way, or they're another. What they don't realize is that by thinking this you're limiting your views into two seperate catagories. One where things in your world feel right and one where they feel wrong. Now, unfortunatly, your world is not the only one. There are countless other paradigms out there. Who are we to say that any other but our own is wrong? I mean, are we so arrogant that we can't accept what other people think, even if we don't agree with it? We can't accept their lifestyle, their world? It's all the same. We can be civil and even kind to someone else by empathizing with the feelings they experience. That is the one area where we're all the same. We all feel the same emotions. A killer who loses control and, well, kills a bunch of people. We don't agree that he's killed someone but surely we could empathize with them losing control. HAven't we all lost control at one point in our life? Now, I'm not saying it forgives the action but we can understand the feelings behind it. And in that sense we can be civil.
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I agree... there are many shades of gray in every thought and motive... in everything. I find that people who can't see those variations are the ones who close their mind to acceptance and tolerance, or even change for that matter. Thank you for such a thoughtfully written piece.

I agree with this.

So true. Bigotry, to say the least. Also, if you dont have a very strong foundation to rest your head upon, or if its just a negative connotation (especially one at the extreme..such as meeting someone who is nasty to you, therefore you sum up the entire population just by how this one person treated you. ) you will be pushed and pulled by the world. Even if its a positive outlook, it can be very fickle and you most likely will be disappointed. Its better not to expect anything from anyone or any given situation. And by going along with another persons beliefs youre really just seeing through their eyes instead of your own.

The world would definitely be a better place. It would definitely dilute a lot of the hatred going around. Instead of 'Oh, so and so's doing this, I need to get angry and do something about it' it would be, "Oh, so and so's doing this - I don't agree, but he can believe what he wants if I can do that same'.<br />
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...I can see why you want to go into philosophy. xD