Being Bullied, Having Psle, Parents Divorcing At The Same Time

I still remember the year 2010. I suffered so much that sucidal thoughts haunted me everyday that year. I just want to die.
Now, in 2012, I am stronger, happier than I was. But my personailty sufferd a change too. From the quiet little girl you see in the corner, to a firece, extroveted, crazy 14-year-old.

2010 was a traumatising year for me. First, I was bullied by my classmates. I don't have any close friends, and all my "supposed friends", bullies me as well. Everyday, I would have my table flip, pencil ransacked, chair kick, insults flying into my facebook, people calling me "spirit" and I didn't talk much.

What's making it worse was my teachers. Everyday, I received endless piles of work to do and they have any regards for me. My heart was filled with agony and I basically have no time for my own fun time. Everyday was study, study, study, for a fancy piece of paper called the PSLE certificate.

Ah, home wasn't my paradise as well. My life is worse than an average slave in a cotton plantation in Africa. I had very little sleep and lots of work to do.
Oh, not forgetting my parents are screaming everyday.

Oh, what a mental toture for me.
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13-15, F
Sep 21, 2012