Need Some Help Please :)

I have had alot going on over the past few years.  I was terribly bullied at high school, i've struggled with bullemia for five years, my dad had an affair & last year i found out i have another sister.  I've been dating a boy who is 19 (3years younger then me), who i love so so much, but lately he has been getting rough with me when he's drunk.  I've tried to ignore it & lied about what's been going on to my friends (even though i think they know something isn't right).  Then two days ago he beat me up properly.  I had to ring the cops & go to hospital.  I have 4broken ribs & a broken wrist.  My mum was so so upset & has made me file a police statement.  Even though i'm in so much pain & i know i didn't deserve this, i can't stop wishing that i could just go back to being with him.  That's so stupid i know.  I've never really considered suicide before, but this has just felt like the final straw.  I have seen counsellors ect over the years, but nothing seems to help.  I'm so tired of having to be strong & keep going everyday.  It's to hard.
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Just try to keep on keeping on... Also as much as it hurts lose the guy. You are so much better then that. Try to keep your head up! Good Luck!