My Experience

As a result of my past depression I used to think about it very often. I informed myself of the methods. I did seriously try 2 times but couldn't really finish. There is a part of me that wants to live. Then I began to cut myself in order to control the pain. Surprisingly enough it made me feel calm.

Now I don't cut myself anymore and I have improved my life a lot. I am still thinking about it from time to time, such as today, because a woman I really like explicitly stated she cannot afford (=does not want) a relationship.

I guess considering suicide is normal, especially when life seems so empty and meaningless. But if you are really planning it, please don't do it. You are an extremely important person and I love you. There is a way to relieve your pain inside. Visit for help.

Take care.
winston winston
26-30, M
2 Responses Jul 20, 2007

I think about suicide a lot too. In fact, I wish I could bring all my friends and relatives who have killed themselves back to life so I could beat the cr*p out of them.

Thankyou. I have never considered myself as an important person. The fact that you have said 'I love you' in your account has touched me. It may only be a very small step but I now feel like someone cares, albeit a stranger. I wont consider you a stranger anymore. You already understand me more than my nearest and dearest. Thank-you again, I love you too.