I Think It's Overrated

"In the afterlife, people who committed suicide become civil servants."  From the movie, Beetlejuice.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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8 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Indeed. Both for me, and those in my proximity!

That must be so very tiring.

Just as an FYI. When you see Robin Williams in full throttle - that's what I look like when I'm in the midst of mania. I'm not saying I'm as funny as he is - I'm saying he's a manic as I am.

I also found that movie hilarious and I've always liked Michael Keaton. I think the funniest man on the planet, though his comedy movies haven't lived up to his talent most times, is Robin Williams. I have seen his stint on "The Actor's Studio" 3 times and laugh uncontrollably each time.

I had it on tape, back when people had movies on tape. Watched it many times, it was funny each time. That was early Tim Burton, before he became a mega-star. Did you ever see Ed Wood - with Johnny Depp - also by Tim Burton? I thought it was hilarious - and oddly touching in its way.

Maybe I shouldn't admit this but, I do own it!

That movie is good enough to own. The dinner scene! The hand coming out of the soup! Michael Keaton was off the hook funny. "Let's turn up the juice and see what shakes loose!"

Enjoyed that movie, loved the dinner scene.