The Rapacious California Teachers Association

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The Worst Union in America by Troy Senik


Basically, it's how the California Teachers Association has completely changed from a reasonable organization of the 1960s to an unbridled Protection Racket, which viciously and unabashedly puts its own greed ahead of the most precious resource the US or any nation has--its own children.

Worse yet, California has long been a bell weather for what will happen across the United States.
Once we needed teachers unions to ensure our wonderful teachers were able to make a decent living and weren't exposed to unreasonable conditions--now they have become a force in ruining the US.

The modern principles of feminism, secular progressivism, and political correctness—ME FIRST LAST AND ALWAYS; THREATS; VICIOUS ATTACKS; NO TOLERANCE FOR DISAGREEMENT; AND CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED—are part of the foundation for this scourge on our society.

God help us and our children.
Southpaugh Southpaugh
May 23, 2012