I Am a Pisces...rooster!

I never felt like a normal person. I grew up feeling split down the middle. One day I picked up a copy of "Where east meets west, the combined astrology"

WOW! I felt like this person followed me around and logged my thoughts, my life, my fears, my character traits! I suddenly felt like I was not only normal but like I was supposed to be this way. I wasn't broken! I was a Pisces-Rooster!

I have all the traits of the fish and all the traits of the rooster but they are split into halves. One side of me is soft and dreamy and flowing, the other is sharp and piercing and blunt. This means that people never know how to take me and are always off kilter around me. Some love me for my erratic, bouncy and unpredictable behavior and others cannot handle it.

It is however a very fun mix and I would not change it for the world. My best mate is supposed to be a Scorpian-Ox. Although the Snake is up there as well as the Capricorn. My worst is the Rabbit/Aries. Funny my best friend is an Aries.

The two of us wanted to know about Scorpio because we are both looking into a Scorpio man... not the same one (we would not stay best friends long if we were competing for the same guy). We found out some pretty amazing stuff about the Scorching hot Scorpio lover. I am very glad he is my perfect mate. Amen!!

We goggled a lot of sites but found many to be mostly garbage. Very few were informative without paying but two were really good. The combined sites were kinda cool too depending again on where you searched.

I was pretty amazed and loved reading DATING THE SCORPIO MAN @ zodiac signs/astrology.com/datingscorpioman.

Understanding Scorpio man @ www.ehow.com/understandingscorpioman

I would love to hear your signs, stories, thoughts, input and web tips.


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4 Responses Aug 25, 2008

pisces rooster... i kinda find like I'm the worse here

Pisces - Rooster here. It is the best combination out there!

i am a pisces rooster too.... and i hope you write more about this too... lord know i need some closure..

omg..im a pisces rooster!i hope that u write more about it!