Kentucky Fried Food For Thought

To Think Is To Place Your Attention's Energy On Vibrational Frequencies Abundant In The Field Of The Universal Conciousness - and in so ding attract to you the responsive attention of the universe...

suspend your thoughts - feelings matter most...get happy now!!! This is what all indigenous cultural wisdom attempts to teach...

The eastern philosophies lead humanity to the subjective wisdom within - the western philosophies lead to wisdom of the external objectifiable

Polynesian philosophy leads to the unification of both in recognition of the duality in the multiplicity of unity in the sacred field of aroha - the experience of the presence of the sacred above below within  without before and beyond here and now vibrationally...

feel with aroha again - and all including peace is made potential again

our ancient languages of the pacific still remain vibrationally powerful healing and sustaining.

41-45, M
Feb 28, 2010