Dwelling On Nothing ..... I Think????

is it fair to ask to be treated special at least one day????? this weekend we i refer to (me, my 2 old kids, my partner, and his sister), went to Mrytle Beach, SC. i was told this was gonna be like a small vacation and to enjoy myself. we had fun all day, i was treated nicely. Then by the end of the day, we walked down the blvd and my partner like lets go into that store and i will buy you a purse. i was like okay. he was like i want you to feel special. it felt good then when i'm done picking my purse he turns around and tell his sister now pick one out .... i'm like huh... impossible... why is she getting one.. what happened.. i'm the one you supppose to make feel special.. so then i was told him i'll pay for my own purse. he didn't like it so then i told him i didn't want the purse. i walked out the store and he ended up buying both purses. .. I might be wrong but i would like to get something just for me knowing that it was my day... and this is not the first time this happens... Valentine day i got a purse so did she... when am i going to get something just for me... i understand she lives with us and she can't afford things on her own. but it is going to be like this everytime... for me in that case, take care of your sister and her needs and i can take care of myself. i can buy myself things. you don't need to buy me just becuase your going to buy her something. he's not obligated to buy me ****.. i can do me. i don't need anyone to feel obligated to buy me or someone else just bcuz the other person might feel bad. no, i too deserve to feel good and a little extra special. well the purse stood in the trunk the rest of the weekend and the purse i got for valentine i used it just for the first time this weekend... but  everytime i looked at those purses i know the only reason i got it was becuase he bought for his sister and not just for me. and this is no neither me or her will feel one of us is left out... i rather be left out and knowing that you don't have to buy for me just bcuz your buying for someone else. ..

am i wrong for feeling this way??? 

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Men, and I am one of them, just don't get it sometime. And we fail totally sharing emotions. You are not wrong. But it is unlikely that he is going to change. You need a romantic man. And they are hard to come by. I think that is why most women like gay men, to talk to. As a heterosexual male, I know I have a very hard time being romantic to my "women" friends......