Zsa Zsa Gabor

The other day on the news I heard Zsa Zsa was sick and 94 years old sometimes i miss things but i thought she was long since deceased ... news to me .  Miss Gabor a frail lil lady in a wheel chair.. ok then i am listening to the radio they say that her hubby is running against Arnold Schwartzeneger for govenor of California......Ding , ding ! I began to wonder (curiosity kills the cat) Husband how old is this guy ?(she has had a few of them ) Oh yes i just had to go be nosey and look he is 65 , a little guy with giant bling like the kids wear in the photo that i found . Zsa Zsa is a cougar !!!!!  I  begin to have issues and visions of hoyer lifts instead of ...ugh!!!! I Redheadsrule will never , ever let my mind wonder again i am now more damaged than before !!!! Someone give me a fork so i can cram it in my mind!

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Yeah but then i would see them in court and have their faces etched in my mind worse than now

I was mortified because i let my mind wander NEVER DO THAT EVER!!!! Ewwww . It started out innocently enough like WTF then eww gross ... I have been traumatized by ZSA ZSA

I love your description of the old geezer also.. Hef is just gross and i didn't like him young either . We all wonder what it would be like to have fame and fortune ...at what cost ? These folks are screwed up in more ways than one

(Eva Gabor is the dead one.)<br />
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I won't look because your description was plenty. Don't you find it interesting that for all the attention and money that those folks seek, if they live long enough, they get isolated enough, and their sense of being stylish turns to the clownish. Your description of the husband reminds me of Hugh Hefner, once stylish rake, now wheezened old clown. He looks like a tobacco leaf dressed as a male prostitute.<br />
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Michael Jackson was not alone in turning inward and getting isolated.