I think about the horrors of war. The cruelty of animal and human abuse. The poverty-stricken. The starving. The sick. The neglected. The disabled. The victims. The criminals. The psychopaths. The lonely. The corrupt. The tired. The ones who are in pain. The ones who inflict pain. The disturbed. The bored. The depressed. The forgotten. The martyrs. The tortured and their torturers. The damage done to the earth and its inhabitants.

These things haunt me every second. It gets intense and I struggle to keep a minimal grasp on some kind of positive outlook, but if I don't think about these things, who will? And how will anyone ever know they exist and try to help?

I will sacrifice my cheer for compassion any day.

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5 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Actually by thinking about it, without actually doing anything, You are making the<br />
world worse, cause when You are unhappy and stressed You are "infecting"<br />
others with Your mood.<br />
Even if You are doing something about it, Your mood will also make You "infect"<br />
others with it and make the emotional suffering inside Yourself spread.<br />
And the stress can make You less productive in helping others.<br />
<br />
Feeling bad for others doesn't do ANYTHING.<br />
It IS possible to have empathy and help others without actually<br />
suffering Yourself from it. It's not a choice between being an *******<br />
that doesn't care and the martyr that keeps crying about everything.<br />
<br />
I had this problem too and now I will tell You, You have the right to<br />
be happy, even if someone in the world is very unhappy.<br />
And if You want to help make the world a better place, make it<br />
so in Your closest neighbourhood first. Help Your family somehow,<br />
help a fellow coworker, even by smiling or whatever. Happiness<br />
and altruism are "contagious" too. You don't need to fly to Africa<br />
or Afghanistan and risk Your life and show Your suffering<br />
and sacrifice Yourself fully.<br />
<br />
Sometimes it's better to develop Yourself to the point when You<br />
are happy in Your life and are fully capable of creating happiness<br />
for Yourself and others at the same time.<br />
<br />
If You have trouble dealing with Your own life, helping others too much<br />
will drain Your "resources" quickly. You might for example spend everything<br />
You have while being poor for even more poor people and have problems<br />
getting a decent job, because You spend all Your energy on these thoughts.<br />
Or You can allow the world to go on as it always had and only start helping<br />
when You actually can do something significant.<br />
<br />
Like I said, start by spreading happiness around You.

^ I'm on my way!

Take the next step and make a difference.

^ Like I said, I'll sacrifice my happy thoughts for the knowledge of suffering. I feel that the only way we can learn on this planet is to endure hardship and to really SEE hardship when it is happening to others.

This is why people are depressed. No matter how much you think or worry about it. It will not change. What is, is. And what will be, will be.