Thats Why Im Alone

they think what im thinking is full of nonsence, they really think im out of my mind, they think it's not important, they think i have nth better to do, they think im crap. but thats fine to me, i'd rather be alone thinking about things they dont want to think about. than pleasing them. 

Candybitch Candybitch
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

you realize that how they treated divinci and other people of his caliber during the reinicane. inteligence leads to discover discover leads to iscolastion iscolation leads to madness madness leads to death death leads to every on figureing out that holy **** you actualy knew what the hell you where talking about and your discover is going to change the world but because no one gave a **** about you you won't be there to enjoy it so alot of ******** get more credit then you for the next 50 years. prove them wrong DNA was discover by 1 woman working by herself without any help. and yes she was blond.

Share your thoughts them do something about them.

wow thats deep.