I moved from my moms house when I just turned 17. I lived with a methamphetamine cook. Him and some close friends that my parents knew used needles, I would watch them and say to myself, "I'd like to get that high" but I never could cause I'm terrified of needles. We would sell what he would make and buy cocaine. I would snort it,but later found that "shooting it up" was way better. I tried to go back home to my mom to get away from it because I was starting to look bad, but she was too busy with her boyfriend, and kicked me out  and went to the city jail for pepper spraying her in the face. I went back and it only got worse. I called my mom and dad and told them I needed help, so my best friends mom from Oklahoma came and got me and I've been living in Oklahoma ever since.

I've been arrested 13 times, and I was in boot camp for 7 months when I was a sophomore. I'm only 17 years old,I'll be 18 in December.I've been almost drug-free for about 8 in a half months now. I'm a way better person now, with real frightening experience in this world...

Desi Desi
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 12, 2006

seriously, good for you. this is truly an amazing story. i dont even know you and i'm proud. congrats!