Infamous Nostalgia

Infamous Nostalgia


I was always looking to love you
This I can tell now...

As we meander past trinket shops, art galleries
Oil painted  eyes appraise that
which sparks and sputters between
Fingers interlaced; words fail
You are mysterious and momentarily mine

Possession finds no place in our hearts
We both know the physical nature of
this dare, yet parading publicly we pretend

Like an infant,
all has been wiped clean
staring up at cotton candy clouds
I am erased.
Scribbled away with a pink nub
like nipple tops, so supple

Lying along scarlet flannel,
eyes ablaze.
"Take this innocence" I whisper to lidded eyes
"It burdens me"
Suffer my naivety as the
pretender lounging among
the base of infamous nostalgia.

A concave, desolate shell
I await to be filled with
experiences never known
I inherit only these seconds
As the wind lends the
briefest breeze
Our gazes fluidly ride
that of  a temperamental time

It seems I am already looking
over my shoulder with reminiscence
though precious weeks still await as
platform to our performance...
applecheeks8 applecheeks8
26-30, F
Feb 10, 2010