I Think Therefore I Am.......... And If That's The Case.......

then I am sooooooo much that I can't stand it since all I do is think.  I'm addicted to thinking and thinking about thinking.  Ugh!!!!!!!!!  I wish there was an off switch.

I think more than I do, I contemplate myself into a coma and rationalize myself to death.  I over analyze, over think, over rationalize.  I think about every angle and every possibility even before such possibilities exist and I just drive myself insane.

Anyone else have this problem?  Misery loves company you know.
lightpainter lightpainter
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4 Responses Mar 29, 2011

i wish there was an off switch too. sometimes i have so many thoughts rolling around in my head that i have trouble getting to sleep.

and you told me that i overanalyse stuff!!!!!<br />
pots, kettles and the colour black spring to mind.<br />
<br />
on a more serious note, i agree with Invisible2unow, but would add that finding activities that include others in a real-world environment would definitely help your situation methinks.

Activities that include...."others?" No, that's what I'm trying to avoid. Besides, I have my activities. I'm a visual artist. I have a studio. I have very expensive equipment that's gathering dust because I can't afford to use the stuff. That's my real world environment and I miss it. I have no desire for group activities, I did all that in day camp when I was 10. Now I need alone time to executive my ideas before I'm either 90 or dead.

And you want to know what I do at night after my wife passes out and I sit lonely and frustrated? I go into my studio, have a few shots of something and stare at my latest project that I can't afford to shoot and have myself a good cry.

Hi Lightpainter, <br />
You are going to have to find SEVERAL distractions, and stay active, busy work, occupied! Whether it's hobbies, or exercise, things you can do to distract your mind.<br />
Maybe you should try journaling? Some times writing out your thoughts has a way of clearing them from your mind and possibly resolving them.<br />
Good Luck!

Please see above your comment. All my problems right now have to do with money. I have enough ideas, projects and things to stay busy until I'm 101 years old.

That is me. I sleep very late everyday. Even if I am extremely tired, it is very tough to go to sleep. As soon as I go to bed, I will start thinking about one particular situation and just keep my mind busy with that. Its like an impossible situation.....