We're Never Promise Tomorrows

It is true that God never promise our tomorrows.  Tomorrow is a sound of hope.  We get excited to even think about what will happen the next day but then it's a vague thought because what if tomorrow's the end.  Yes, death may sound so scary but it's the truth we have to live with.  I've read something in a magazine about a tribute of some guy I don't know.  He had a sudden, painless death...he died on his sleep.  He might not have suffered and that could be a good thing but what about the people he left behind.  I feel thier lost and the thought of loosing someone is more scarier and painful.  I know this isn't much of a story that anyone would want to read because no one ever wants to talk about death but I think we need to open ourselves about this because we'll never know what will happen tomorrow.  We might have a wonderful day today, we laugh and we think it'll be thesame when we wake up the next day but that's not the point, what am trying to say is...we have to see through life itself cuz even if we believe that God lent us our so called life we still can't be sure the true meaning of it.  Is destiny for real? we may even aSk if God is for real.  This man died in his sleep, it's a peaceful death but then he still lost it without even a scratch.  Death don't choose time.  It is part of our life and it comes in surprise.  So, what am really trying to say right now...live life while you still have it and take really good care of it because we're lucky we're still alive to see the world.  It might be full of s**t but we're enjoying it.   

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2007

I agree with you CMOST. Loosing life is not a tragedy but it's a new beginning. When we loose someone, we tend to see new perspectives and that's looking through life itself. I think you're lucky to have given a second chance and the people you almost left behind could have been more happier. yes, being left behind brings grief, sorrow and pain but it's all got to do with life. Destiny, death and second chances comes all in one because it's meant to be. I don't know how or why but we're all going to taste that no matter how hard to accept it. Honestly, I am not scared to die not unless you mean it and if someone's going to do it for you. We think there's a new world out there when we die but we can't really tell if it's true, can't we? Everything we know about life after death is a vague explanation. There's no logical way of explaning it, too. Does our soul really going somewhere or better yet, do we really have a soul? It's all just facts, there's no meaning and proof of it all. Well, this is my opinion and I respects others opinion, too. Maybe i'm just as confuse as others do and there are still lots of questions that needs answers but what you believe, you believe in it because it helps you control your feelings for whatever might happen in the future.

I agree we need to cherish the time we have here with our family and loved ones. I have a belief that once we die and go on to the other side that we are at peace. It is then the burden and grief of all the people we left behind. I used to wonder about people that die a horendous or terrifying death. Like why would anyone have to leave the world in such an awful way. I was watching an episode of Montel Williams. His guest on the show was world renouned Psychic Slyvia Browne. Someone in the audience asked her about a loved one that was murdered and why would god let them die such a horrible death. Her answer made me think. Slyvia said that when something that violent happens your spirit leaves your body. I mean yes there is fear at first but as far as them suffering she believes that they don't because they are outside of their body while it is happening. It makes you think. When you hear people tell stories of near death experiences they describe often how everything happens quickly and it how its a blur. Its those of us among the living that suffer the most because of our emotions and grief. I have had a near death experience myself and surprisingly it was so peaceful. I have not been affraid of death since and that was in 1997. I figure for whatever reason it was not my time to go. I am thankful for each passing day. I used to be so consumed when I was younger with the fear of dying. It scared me so bad. No I can honestly say the only thing scarey now are the loved ones I would leave behind.