We'll Reach It Someday

We have to think about tomorrow, because we'll reach it someday. I'm not thinking about death or anything, but of my position in life, where I'm gonna be. I'm still a student studying in college so what's taking of my mind is, what am I gonna be? Will I reach my goals? or would life just dissapoint me again just like it did in the past? I think everyone should at least try hard in achieving something in life. That's what were created for, to do something that benifits everyone. To make a print in our life and our kid's life. Who knows what might happen? Everything happens in such a sudden! Just yesterday I was a child between my parents arms and today I'm all grown up, studying by myself in another country. So where will I be tomorrow? Such changes happen in NO time. It's a serious deal that everyone should think about and get ready for because we'll reach it someday....
HeartLove HeartLove
18-21, F
May 15, 2007