Most Of All...

I spent a lot of my life wondering about what if things turned out differently. How would things have been if I was closer to my parents? How would things have been if I wasn't so heavy? What would it be like if I had been able to truly finish college? So many things.

The one I wonder most about is, if we had just been allowed to live closer together. I wonder why it has to be long distance. Too long of a distance. I'd give anything to change it and to bring you closer to me. I wonder how life would've been different if we'd had that oppertunity...
drcynic drcynic
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 1, 2010

Sir, you spelled "opportunity" wrong. I knew you'd want to know. Perhaps, though, you don't care. In which case, forgive me for bringing it up. But I wanted to say I do hope you were able by now to shorten the distance between you and your love. Long distance loving is hard at times. Takes a strength from both sides not to allow anything to break the (what I call) "silken thread" that binds you, one to the other. I hope you have that. You seem worthy of an intense and wonderful life and love:) I do wish and hope for you only the best of things, and I enjoyed your shared story here:)