Just Too Late...

We been really close and good friends for years now. He's my best friend and I can tell him anything. He's been there for me when I was going through a really hard time in my life.

We met in church and I had a major crush on him, but didn't tell him as he was older than I was and I didn't think he would feel the same way. The one day, he showed interest and made his move. We dated for a while and I couldn't help but fall in love with him. At the time, he didn't feel the same way and we drifted apart. We moved on with our lives... dated other people, but still remained really close friends.

Then I got engaged and wanted to share the news with him. But when I did - he was really shocked. He told me that he loved me and will always love me, but that my happiness means more to him than anything else. He still wanted to be apart of life as a friend, even though that was the hardest thing for him to do.

We still stayed in contact and remained close friends... It was hard letting go of someone you've known for so many years and loved for just as long. He would always tell me how special I was to him and how much he appreciated me. That he was grateful that I was always in his life and how comfortable he was with me. Wih me he felt he could always me himself.

We were open and honest with eachother and would always tell eachother whatever was on our minds... and then he told me that he wanted me to have his children and if it wasn't me, then he guesses that he'll never have children.

That shocked me... I didn't expect that from him. I mean I still have feelings for him, but i'm engaged to be married to someone else.

I guess he's timing was just all wrong... He's just too late...
Vix3n Vix3n
26-30, F
Sep 22, 2010