I've Got The Blues

Im having a hard time with things. I feel bored with my life, I never used to feel this way. I loved my career so much! Every day waking up with a purpose. Now my purpose is pills and laying resting. People say if your unhappy and don't like how things are, change it! Well I can't. This is out of my controll. I feel helpless, because i do not know how to help my self. Strength I can only be so strong when my body is so weak and it is eroding away at my mind. Time.. Passes so slowly, and melts all of the days together with nothing epic to separate them. Friends, around me are few and far between and sonia family! But I am thankful for those who are there to answer my cry. I wish that things in life didn't have to happen. Or happen to me. Although I do not wish my pain on my enemy.
Ewalkerc Ewalkerc
22-25, F
Mar 22, 2012