Cast Aside And Left Adrift

When there is someone in your life that you have grown attached to and you spend a lot of time with them, talking every day, and then one day they just start to pull away, it leaves you feeling like all of it had been unreal. The time you spent together and the thoughts and feelings you shared never really mattered after all. You see them once in a while and they say hey and they joke around with you and it is like, for them, nothing ever happened between you. The connection you thought was there has just evaporated. It’s a miserable feeling.
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2 Responses Apr 13, 2012

DO NOT let people like this change u! I do not agree with "pisesnan". Be you, be open to everything. Many things/people are negative but there are so many that are not. Trust me, the positives will outweigh the negatives.

The problem is maintaining the strength to get past the negatives. If we all did the same...

I hope you try not to get too emotionally involved with people nowadays because it seems people have become more of a free spirit. But if I were you I wouldn't try to judge them, just be happy if they made you happy and than try to make someone else happy. It's like the saying "If you love somebody set them free" We as human beings have been brought up to "expect" an emotional attachment. And when we get it we think it should stay and when it leaves we are hurt. I think it's best to try to develop a different way of looking at it. Instead of looking at the loss wouldn't it be better to remember the positive that you gained from the relationship? Remember how the person made you feel about yourself and than share that with someone else.