Possible Hook-up?

I went on a celebrity cruise a couple of years back. It was absolutely amazing, and I'd never experienced anything like it. On the first night there, the group was throwing a party out on the lido deck. The entire ship was there. I somehow managed to snag a spot next to the pool, right below the balcony where they were partying and working the crowd. I am rather short, so I decided to take off my heels and stand on the ledge of the pool. I was having a blast, smiling and laughing with strangers (mostly women), helping others onto the ledge with me. We were all singing and dancing, and I wish I could remember the song that was playing when it happened. I noticed one of the band members looking at me. What? No way. There's a ship-ful of beautiful women, why would he be looking at ME? I continued to dance and have fun, paying attention to the whole group; but when I glanced at him again, I saw him look at me a second time. My heart did skip a beat at that point, because I began to realize I wasn't imagining it. We looked at one another a few more times, and made eye contact at one point. I was starting to freak out a bit inside. My roomy was standing next to me at the pool, but not on the ledge with me. Something told me NOT to bend down to say anything to her, but I didn't listen to my gut. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I bent down to say something to her quietly, and he saw me. After that, the mood was broken, and he barely looked at me after that. He is pretty private, and looking back on it, he probably thought I was alone until that moment. Having a cabin mate, especially one that I was already whispering to, would not appeal to him. :( I still think about that night, and what might have been. Every time I hear a certain song by this artist, it reminds me of that night, that moment, and I want to kick myself over and over again. Maybe it didn't mean anything. But even if I would have been able to meet him, that would have been amazing. Now, I'll never know...
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He is a fool!! Should have passed you a note to meet him on the deck. :)

*blush* You just made my night! *blows kiss*

lol... Want to see me sing? :)