"What if the one that got away came back"

I've wished for that every day for nearly two months.
xSundip xSundip
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Now why would you wait for somebody who obviously isn't waiting for you?
Everybody. And I mean EVERYBODY. Has a 'one that got away' story.
But the truth is. If either of you made the other happy, you wouldn't be feeling this way.
I know it's a nightmare out there.
I've been in dating exile for twenty years!!!
And yes. I often think about the one or maybe two that got away.
But the truth is that neither of them was ready for marriage,mortgage,kids,holidays,etc when I was.
Would I want either of them now?
Well. No!
Because we're all different people now.
Gone is the joy of youth.
Cold. Hard. Reality has had it's claws in us for nearly thirty years!
And that changes people.
Am I sad we ever met?
No. They both gave me joy. Love. Passion. Laughter. Etc. and for that I'll always be greatfull.