If I Was Born a Dude...

If I had a penis, how big would it be? Would girls find me attractive? Would I have facial hair? How would sex feel different? How bad does it hurt to get hit in the balls?

Just some things I wonder...
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I too wonder what it would feel like to have sex as a woman. I wonder, as you do, what it would be like not to have a penis and how it would feel to have a vagina and breasts. I think the breasts would be fun. I wonder what it is like to wear lingerie and actually filling it out. I love to wear bras and panties, but it would be so much better if I did not have to tuck and tape or wear a bra with so much padding. What is it like to go to the bathroom as a girl. I have gone into the women's bathroom in the mall when I am dressed as a woman, but I hear women coming into the stall next to mine and they finish faster than I can because they don't have false hips to deal with. Anyway, I enjoyed your story.

Dotty, Hello, it really does hurt!<br />
Size does not matter<br />
Chest hair can be a Hindrance!<br />
Depends on your metabolism for facial hair<br />
Sex can hurt a male as much as a female!

Thanks stratos! LOL

Dotty: Haha it's okay I wasn't expecting answers XD