Being a Girl

I often wonder what it would be like to be a girl. I think i would love it. I would have so much fun with my body and my apearance. I'd dress up in wierd cool outfits, I'd have super long hair, and I'd probably be much more flirty and outgoing. Not becuase I think of girls like that, but becuase I'd probably get more attention.  It wouldnt bother me at all, as im already somewhat feminine.   I wish i could be a female for just a week or so...

HippyBoy HippyBoy 16-17, M 3 Responses Jun 28, 2008

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I wish i could be female for the rest of my life, not just because of all that stuff but just because that is the true way that i feel about myself.

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No, being a guy has its ups and downs, too. My philosophy is to go with whatever makes me comfortable. For me, that's being male, but I've often wondered if it wouldn't be fun to be a girl for a few hours a day.

yeah being a girll is pretty chill, <br />
its got its ups and downs, you worry alot if you get pregnant what will happen, well thats my worry and i think its pretty legit.<br />
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i dont think guys have to worry all that much cuz they can pretty much just walk away and refuse to sign the birth certificate and what not.

I would much rather had to worry about getting pregnant than being trapped in a body that i really feel the opposite about