I Think About This All The Time

I would like the ability to temporarily transform into a woman. I would like to have feminine curves; large full breasts with perky nipples, narrow waist and round hips and ***.

I'd love to see what it would be like to gently slip my fingers into my moist vagina, slowly circle and squeeze my **** until I was completely aroused. Then I'd love to experience multiple *******, feeling the pleasure surge through my entire body.
jennyla73 jennyla73
36-40, F
6 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Wonderful Jenny xx

me too !!!!! :p

It makes me hot:hi-arched feet,beautiful legs-well proportioned thighscalves,ankles,&feet.Oh yes,yes,yes.,That being impossible,I have to be aruond women.I need them.

I have dreamed about doing this for the last 64 years. If I were to find a way now I wouldn't be doing alot of switching back and forth.

They would probably be no temporary for me. ;-)

Me and you both hon! If you find that power, please share!!