Just to Feel Some Things ...

I mean really!  I cant see why any girl wouldn't want to feel what its like to be a guy for a day or two or a week or so...

Same thing for you guys...dont you honestly want to know what a girl feels?  What its like to have breasts and a vagina...

Oh I can hear it now..."Not if I have to have a period, I don't!!!  Ef That Sh!t"

Yeah, well, OK, fine.  (Although maybe, just maybe, if you had one even once it would expand your mind!!!) Be a girl for a week in the middle of her cycle...no blood, no cramps.

I'd love to be a guy for a day or two...

I'd really love to know what it feels like to pee through a penis.  (Hey, it rhymes!!!  O something...Pee and Penis!!!)  (More evidence of the effect of male dominance on the English language)

And peeing standing up...and just going into the mens' room and whipping it out and peeing and walking right on out, while my girl friend is still putting paper down on the seat in the ladies room

And an erection...what does it feel like?  I'd like to really know...

Penetration... what do we girls feel like to them????  Oh wow!

And climaxing inside a woman?  What's that like??? (I'll bet not nearly as cool as feeling the climax inside us!!!)

And having my nuts squeezed...i know it really hurts, but how much?  What's it feel like?

And opening jelly jars with my bare hands!!! What a trip that would be!


There's probably more...I just cant think of them right now...


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I really would love to be able to be female, fully functioning. Be able to have the periods, be able to get pregnant and give birth to that child. Be able to feel a man's penis inside of me and the feelings when he shoots his baby batter inside of me. I truly would love to be able to experience that for the rest of my life.

me too

As an octogenerarian and prostate cancer survivor I noe know what it feels like to be a woman.<br />
My breasts and nipples have grown like a teenager and my penis has shrunk to the size of a clitoris. I even have to sit to pee and wear nylon panties.. I play with my nipples and fondle my breasts for excitement and ********** like a woman. My finger can jill my **** and my new-found "mangina" formed by my scrotum and dip two fingers in to find my G spot and bring on an ****** that is far more intense than I ever experenced with a hard penis. I want to have mulitple ******* now like my wife has. We now make love like a couple of lesbians fingering and licking, enjoying an intimacy that we never knew before. Just think, no performance problems! Who needs Testosterone?

I wonder what my life would have been like as a female, and what some of the experiences would be like. Periods, breasts, orgazm, like you said. I do like being a guy though. I've found an avenue to explore a bit of the fairer side of things but it just scratches the surface. I've always envied the wardrobe choices a woman has... skirts, dresses, lingerie, hosiery, there are so many ways to get dressed in the morning. Guys are limited to pants or shorts.... and lousy cotton socks. Women can have lacy undies, or cotton comfy ones... the add in the cami's etc. <br />
<br />
I like to wear skirts and hosiery, it makes me feel sexy and a bit feminine. My fiance enjoys me in them and I get a sense of what its like to be noticed crossing your legs in a mini, or having your butt followed as you walk.<br />
<br />
And ladeejay - I think women have more sexual power that most like to admit. A good lover will recognize her needs and he can overcome the shortfall way too many men are guilty of. It has more to do with control and giving as good as you receive. That's not to say that at times he's so wrapped up in the moment he can't contain himself, but that should be the exception not the norm. <br />
<br />
If I was a woman I wouldn't let a guy that can't hold it in, inside me until he's made me climax. Making love should always be for the mutual enjoyment of both people not for a selfish jack a$$ to take 3 minutes of a ladies time so he can get off; if that's all he wants he should do it himself.

ROTFLMAO! Love it Ladeejane! Of course I know it is, (for me!), totally wonderful being female and there is no way in the world I would actually want to switch genders for ever (eeek!), I just wonder what it would be like to experience everything from the other side for maybe a day or two. (Plus, there is no way anyone would call women weak if they knew what we had to got through just on a trip to the gyno!)

I'm certainly glad i'm a girl! Yes, of course it would be more convenient to pee standing up, and the strength a man has would be kinda useful, too. And getting dressed would only take a fraction of the time.<br />
But being a girl has a lot going for it! You mentioned periods, but luckily i've never had much discomfort during "that time"and it doesn't bother me. And I love the attention I get from men, how they cant prevent their eyes from straying down to our breasts when they're talking to us. How they are constantly making fools of themselves in an effort to impress us. And how just crossing your legs whilst wearing a short skirt has every man in the room drooling over you. Walking down the street in that short skirt feeling every man's eyes on your legs has to be one of the best feelings in the world!<br />
And then there's sex.....<br />
Just look at what men have to carry around between their legs!<br />
You've got two ridiculously sensitive glands hanging unprotected in a thin sack of skin. The slightest knock or squeeze to which has them doubled over in agony! (I had to stop an over-amorous boyfriend from raping me once by squeezing one of his testicles, and there is no way I ever want to experience the sort of pain that I inflicted on him that evening) I'll keep my gonads safely tucked away in my tummy, thanks very much!<br />
And as for having a penis, no thanks! I'm fairly experienced as far as sex goes, and all men are pretty much the same in bed. The slightest insecurity and they cant get it up, and when you do get them inside you they're finished before you've had even one ******! And I like plenty of *******!<br />
Its one of nature's jokes that men have such a powerful sex drive, and yet all too quickly have such a feeble ******, and then lose their erection. Thank god they have tongues!<br />
I'll put up with my frail, weak little body, thanks very much!

I've always wondered what it would be like to be a woman. I like being a man; albeit a naughty, adventurous and very metrosexual man. What I think would be cool would be what does intercourse feel like? What does it feel like to be pregnant and to carry that child to term and then to give birth? How different would it be to be a Mom instead of a Dad? And also the fun stuff like the wonderful variety of clothing and all the wonderful makeovers etc. All those aspects would be really cool to experience.

I am a male who longs to be a female forthe rest of my life. I was born in the wrong gender but so love being a girl, wearing soft or sexy clothes, makeup and clothes shopping. I know those things don't necessarily make one a girl but I so want to female, I relish the monthly period if I just could switch genders now.<br />
<br />
Cara :)