I Guess..

Its more of a confession. But  I do. I think about you from the moment i wake up, to the moment i fall asleep. Ive been keeping myself busy to see if i could distract you from my mind, but it just give me MORE time to think about you. Its really great though.  Im not complaining. I smile a lot because of you. But then sometimes i get carried away and start to cry. But ya know what? I really like where we are now. I feel more free.. in an odd way. Or maybe! Its that i learned so much from you and my eyes were opened to the world. I see things more clearly now and THANK YOU.   :P Your a really great person. And i love you. Very much. Your wonderful.


This is what i could not say.. But go me, yaya, i got it out.

I also wanted to tell you that im not angry at you. I never was.


Readers reading this... do you wonder who "you" is?

Hehe. Shhh


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I'm touched. :)