I Miss The Sound Of Your Voice

It's been weeks since we've spoken or texted or communicated in any kind of way. I find my thoughts drifting to you sometimes and sometimes not. I miss the sound of your voice, I miss getting texts but I don't miss the fact you don't make me a priority.
I don't miss the way you have so many things on your mind yet I'm not one of them. I don't miss that you forget important dates, or you're in a constant state of stress , or in a dark place. I'm supposed to be ok with all of that according to but I'm not, I'm really not.
I know the way you treat me isn't how you treat someone you love. Do you understand love at all? I often wonder... Why I accept it, why I think it will get better, it never does. It won't yet still I miss the sound of your voice ...
winterlace winterlace
Jan 11, 2013