Show Me Don'T Tell Me

I have always been like this. It has nothing to do with the fact my husband's actions have always meant he hated me. Before all that, it was the same.
I have never been affected by sweet talk, compliments and praise.

It just doesn't resonate with me. Not sure why, even in college when guys would try to sweet talk me, I really could care less and I still feel the same. I would much rather see someone show me what they mean instead of tell me.

Of course this can't be realistic in every relationship, but with personal relationships with friends and such it can. Don't blow fairy dust up my behind, just show me how you feel. 

soulrunher soulrunher
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I promise to stop talking about my junk.

Okay! *pulls your pants down slowly as I kneel at your feet*

that's an interesting prayer...

*Hard giggles*

I was going to show you something...but I got it jammed in the photo copier,and'll just have to take my word for it.I like you.:)

LOL!! Darn copier!

*hides fairy dust behind his back*

You better be showing me something! :)

I am! My fairy duster. :-p

LOL!!! Wow, it's so sparkly and magical!

Its not everyone I make it`ll all sparkly for. :-p

Awww *grabs the fairy duster*, FOR ME!!!

Ah yeah! ;o)

LOL!! Thanks for that...I needed it so bad!

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I think you are really, really, really nice.


I don't think that's an appropriate response for this show me! :)

Wow, I agree...Thanks

So now you may understand why I watch my behaviour and others behaviour all the time ?

My brother was an alcoholic for several years.

He lost his licence several times. His wife left him. His son lost respect for him.

He denied that he ad a problem.

Only after he lost his liver, his employment and then went to rehab did he accept he had this illness.

Well I can see your point in this case. That's too bad he had to go through all of that before he would acknowledge his problem. Thanks for sharing.

Someone told me that behaviour never lies.

So words should be ignored......just watch behaviour.

Don't you think that is extreme? I don't think we should totally discount what someone says, but actions tend to seal the deal, yes.

I'm very much the same.

Thanks for reading.

So true, especially for me today.


Thanks. Not a good day here.

Me either...blahh! LOL Tomorrow is a new day.