"it Would Work Wonders"

Imagine you get arrested for a small crime as an adult and you are sentenced to a good spanking! That might get peoples attention much better than a fine or probation!
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i would not mind at all if arrested get a good thrashing for m ycrime

Such spankings should not be like Singapore canings - skin should not be broken. However, a good paddling or razor strap across the bare bottom until it is red and bruised should be enough to get the attention of most folks for various lesser offenses that don't really warrant jail time. Probably be much more effective than fines, too - especially for such things as speeding.

no but it would be fun to articipate.

imagine that on your cv!

Singapore uses canning as punishment


i am NOT going to get spanked in my adulthood, i allready got way too many spankings as a kid and still, dont want to imgamge it after a kid:(

That's why it would work so good!

that means u would get spanked as well:)

Yep :/

payback time!


this gonna hurt u more then its gonna hurt me, well no its gonna hurt you WAY more and i will enjoy every second of it:) oh, look whos crying and begging now:)

Want me to tell dad you're being a brat again ;)

want me to tell dad that u started it:)


look whos begging not to tell my dad now? :P

Please dont tell :(


:D hahaha

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I agree

I'm sure petty crime would soon diminish, very quickly. As petty crime slowed down so would the greater crimes. It would be a natural knock-on effect.
How would the spankings be administered? By whom? I assume a bare-bottom over the knee spanking would be too familiar. Perhaps canings would be appropriate, administered in steps of 3 strokes for a first offence and then rising in 3 stroke steps.
Just my thoughts.

They would need to make a device that you would be strapped to so you can't move. Maybe use a prison strap like the old days? or a cane? and 1st offense maybe 3-5 over clothes. 2nd offense 5-8 bare bottom. something like that!

I think, the more severe the punishment, the greater the deterrent. It depends on what we want to sacrifice for less crime.

Is a spanking really that great a deterrent? Maybe harsh canings, or something like that. Poorer people might choose the spanking over a fine, while richer ones would gladly pay the money. There are rich people who pay to be spanked, so not sure about them. But why just spanking? There are other kinds of physical tortures we could use. Come on, all you sadists and masochists out there. Show some creativity. :)

We don't want to go back to the dark ages! Lol

Being bent over a suitable desk etc, whilst a third person held the hands of the wrongdoer in front of him/her should suffice.

That would be good as well! This will work! I doubt it will ever happen though!

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as long as its a woman spanking i would be ok with it

Unless the person being 'spanked' has a 'spanking' fetish, then what??? LOL! :-)

Most spankos are used to being spanked in a controlled setting with safe words. There would be no safe word in this setting. I think that would tend to give most spankos pause. .... Nyah! What am I thinking? I know I would turn to a life of crime just to get my fix! Weekly at least, if not daily!

could be a problem for people who like it???

Bwahahaha!!! This is making me giggle, the safe word. "Thank you sir, may I please have another?" Bah! Totally joking, I just can imagine a person who likes being spanked finding out that their punishment is a spanking. Jokes on the cop! "Oh no officer, please...Anything but that!"

I'm trying to imagine a spanking hard enough and painful enough to deter me from a life of crime. ...... I'm thinking. .... Don't rush me!! ... I'm still thinking.


Maybe this Idea would make more criminals? LOL

Maybe Jrt1, LOL!

Just imagine, there is a special room for 'spankings' it is a room with a viewing window and yes the person being spanked can also see the people that are indeed watching their punishment.

In the room there is a chair & a desk. On the wall are various implements. Paddles, straps, belts, whips, riding crops, canes, etc. They are used based on severity of the persons crime. The criminal gets a choice of how they are to be spanked. Over the knee, bent over the desk, standing against the wall w/their hands above their head, or bent over w/hands on their knees or touching their toes. The implement used is based on their crime, they don't have a choice. The amount of strikes is also based on the severity of their crime. If the criminal cannot obey they are to be strapped down to the desk and are to receive additional whacks w/the most painful implement on the wall. Hand spanking would be for small crimes. But some people like pain and might just purposely resist to get themselves into even more trouble resulting in a harsher spanking. I'm not saying this is something I would want to experience personally, but I know people that would totally play into this. LOL! All I can think of is Little Shop of Horrors where Bill Murray loves the pain at the dentist. GONNA GET A CANDY BAR!!! Good God I think my pain med's are making my brain a little whacked, pun intended, I think? LOL!

LOL! We better stick with the system we have!

LOL! People would be lined up at the police station admitting to various crimes for their spankings. :-) Bwahahaha!



I was the speeder, no I was, no it was me, the cop stopped the wrong car! Then the cop says I lied spank me! LOL

No sir, I swear my speedometer is broken, I've been meaning to get that fixed. I was already given a warning by officer spankalot, can I just have one more chance? I swear i will get it fixed...NO! Assume the position! But...Bwahahaha!!!


Ha ha!!! This is serious stuff right here

I'm a spanko, but I would NOT want this to be my sentence if I broke the law. Way, way, way too embarrassing.

That's why I think it would be a good sentence!

There could be a whole Youtube channel devoted to state sanctioned spanking! Or maybe Xtube would be more appropriate. In any event, I predict it would become one of the most popular sites on the entire internet.

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Would be interesting. Would you advocate public floggings, or done in private?

I think in private.

And think of all the money it would save taxpayers!

absolutely! a lot of people don't care about fines and probation. But a little humiliation is a different story!

And if you want to escalate the humiliation, the spankings could be televised on pay per view! The state could make a fortune! I know I would pay to see it! All those DWI's bare assed over a policeman's lap getting their butts spanked red while millions watch! Don't tell me the crime rate wouldn't go into serious decline!