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It's tough enough having to go through life being responsible, But one shouldn't have to go through life all grown up either. I love it when the kid in me shows up. My husband and me can be going through a store and there will be a youngster standing there and flash us this big smile. Before ya know it we're acting like kids making faces skipping along and just having fun. Heck we don't even need a kid to get us started. Have you ever gotten out of your car and the wind was blowing real hard so you act like it is taking your every effort to get to where you need to go. The looks that you get from people is total shock but,he kids like it. They'll start to having fun acting like the wind is trying to blow them away and of coarse their parent will stop them. (Bunch of party poopers they are.)

It is hard not to say something when you see a kid having fun and the parent will hush them and tell them to quit acting like a kid. Excuse me, but he/she is a kid let 'em have some fun. They grow up to fast the way it is.

Sometimes, we take the Grandkids with when we get a chance. Oh, the fun we have. Not just for us but, for them as well. Life is to short to stop having fun. I enjoy jumping, running, skipping, riding bike, all that stuff we did as a kid. Playing jokes and tackling my man and just tickling him. Even have a snowball fight in the winter time. Making snow angles and forts. Life was great as a kid way would a person not want to continue to have fun.

If grown ups would stop and be a kid once in awhile maybe there wouldn't be so many ugly and mean looking people. You walk down the street and they just look miserable. Makes me want to throw a water balloon at 'em and have a little fun. Make them smile maybe even just a little.

My Grandpa use to say,” Life is short enough the way it is, stop and enjoy it. You may have to grow up but, you don't have to grow old.”

That's what I plan on doing, I am only as old as I feel and when I feel like being a kid and just have some fun I will. I hope you do to.

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:~) thank-you , Camille

yep, heard that one too. :~)

LOL, <br />
How about when your youngster tells you to stop acting like a kid :-)<br />
Ah yes, and mom replies while making a crazy face,<br />
" *fake evil laugh* ...Never!"<br />
bah ha ha.

LOL... got ya DK. :~)

As long as it's never on Sunday and not if it's raining...