So I'm Dating An Older Guy..... I Think It Runs In Families.

I'm with a 48 year old and I'm 19. Weird thing is, I think he's the best relationship I've ever had. Is that weird? I told my family, but none of them care because they all married into the same age difference. Ironically his mother married a younger guy. He's an old sweetheart though and I love him. We kinda clicked right from the start, but we weren't really looking for a relationship. I've also been a booty call for a 36 year old, and he was sweet. He thinks he's a grump, but I guess I'm so used to it that it just kinda turns into humor to me. He wasn't single though and I never knew that the night I got with him. The 48 year old kept scolding me about the relationship and letting a guy use me, but I think by the time he got me to realize the relationship was bad, it was kinda too late. Officially I've missed my period and the older guy doesn't care if I am pregnant. He claims he's still keeping me. Random comments anyone?
littleladie littleladie
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012