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My boyfriend is 21 and I am 15.. But we're madly in love. I've been with guys that have just tried to get in my pants before so I know this is real, I know his brothers and his entire family and I know how he was raised, he is a real gentleman, and he was raised to treat women right. He would never cheat on me, or hurt me in anyway and that's why I fell in love with him. We've been through so much together, and the road keeps on going. I'll never give up on him, and he'll never give up on me.. I'll be 16 in two months and it'll be 100% legal then. But until then, there's a few precautions we have to take:( I know people from the outside would never understand, and most of my friends, family, everyone doesn't.. But once they see us together, they do. They can see the love flow between us, it's unlike anything either of us have ever felt, and that's what justifies it, that's what makes everything worth it in the end<3
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Kindredks: yeah I was watching a movie and the girls would get assigned OLD men as husbands, lol. And in a couple years it won't matter anyways!(:

Best wishes to you. In previous generations couples like you would not have been unusual.

Awesome! Don't care obviously. We both already know ALL of this. But thanks for the not needed input!

if he's in the army he's bound by federal law....which means if your not over the age of 18 then its illegal and he goes to jail

happyness first! i mean true love and happyness are the most important things in the world and if you dont have those then you need to do something different. if you have them? hang on with both hands!!!!! <3

I definitely do have them! (:

It's funny how when you're that age it's such a big deal but if he was 30 and you 24 no one would care at all.


Your age differences is a lot bigger then mine but my family and friends and his family and friends dont get how were together. He just now turned 18 and ill be 20 in 2 months. We love each other and he doesnt act 18. Most people talk to him think hes like 21. Girl no one will understand the age difference. Dont listen to what they have to say. Yall are in love and happy then thats what should make you happy. Not the age. I dont see why people make it such a big deal. I mean if you were like 12 or 13 then id have to say thats a little over board but yeah.

Exactly, age of consent is 16, and in the state of Michigan you're an adult at 16 also.. So I can literally LEGALLY be with him in 2 months. I posted this EXACT same story on a confession and got SO much hate for it. I'm really not a mean person but I just went off on this lady. People try preaching to me when I know what's best for me. I meet other guys/girls my age and think wtf is wrong with these kids, they're so immature, but I'm really not like that. So I mean yeah I understand where people are coming from, but some just take it too far. Also, I've met almost all of his family, and same for him and my family, we all like each other(: So that's not the issue, it's outsiders.. But who really cares about them? Hah.

Wow. Here in tennessee its 18 to be an adult. And they really do and people dont know how to mind thier own buisness. I know what you mean with being mature. Im 19 and i feel like half my friends act like theyre 15. Its rediculous.

Exactly how I feel.

Good. Just keep ignoring what people say and keep doing what yall are doing.

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