Sexuality Never Changes

It's true that age is only a number. I'm as horny and sexed up all the time just as i was when i was a teenager. i don't *** 6 times a day anymore but edge most all the time and *** at least twice a week if not more. I still love looking a men's ***** and playing with my nipples. Still love **** and love to suck **** if i can find someone in these mountains. Young men think they have a monopoly on sex but they will find out they are very mistaken.
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Buddy, I agree with you! I think we have more sex, better sex and share it as a more intimate experience as we age.

I totally agree Raymond- my partner is in his 60's and me in my mid 30's so I live it but would never be arrogant enough to say I am better than him or you- Our sexuality is a gift and as we make that journey down life's road, we will always find ways to enjoy our bodies and ways to express our oversexed and needs to release- Personally I find sex with a man over 60 to be a much better experience than a guy my own age- Over 60 and a man knows what the **** he wants and how he wants it done- its not a Wam Bang Boom and its over thing- An older man knows what foreplay is and the value of Romanic love and how to deliver them both-


Totally agree with your whole story love all those things

congratulations. Love it

I don't think that feeling horny diminishes with age ... at least it hasn't with me (or you). And as a teenages I had my **** into somebody all the time and if I wasn't ****** then I was strokin. Jeez, now I'm horny again ...

Your stories and comments keep my hard **** throbbing!

Hi Festival. It is good to read your story and know that there are other old guys out there like me. I'm 68. When I look at your profile picture, we could be brothers--I'm a hippie down in my bones. And speaking of bones, I feel like my sexual drive is as powerful as it has ever been. My machinery doesn't work as well as it used to, but I know exactly how to please myself. It is not rock hard and it takes a little longer to get to my destination, but that is just fine by me; I always get to where I want to go.

I feel like my sexual feelings and eroticism is sort of like a plant. It grows and thrives if you water and care for it; otherwise it withers away and becomes an increasingly smaller part of your life. My own feelings of sexuality comes and goes (no pun intended). Sometimes I'm focused somewhere else, and at other times it is hard to keep my hand out of my pants. I'm in one of those hot phases lately. I fantasize a lot about all kinds of things that involve touching and tasting.

With a couple of notable exceptions, my focus has always been on women. Now I find myself turned on by looking at men. It surprises me a bit, but I am letting myself go with it. If I go to a **** site (not often-I'm mostly into erotic stories) I often find myself watching a man ************. I pass over those studs with the unbelievably huge *****, and find some guy that is more like me. At some point in my life, I want to experience what it is like to have a man's penis in my mouth. One of my fantasies that might come true some day is to have a J/O buddy.

Like you, my nipples are very sensitive, and I touch them when I **********, or I want my partner to suck them when I am not alone.

It is nice to find a kindred soul out here in the wild world of the internet. I'm going to become your fan if I can figure out how to do it here. ...J

Your comments make my nipples erect. I'd love to J/O edge with you and play with your nipples until u can't stand any more and shoot a huge load!

Yep totally agree with you festival. I'm 60 and constantly looking at ****. Love looking at hard ***** and still sucking them when I get a chance!!! I J/O almost daily looking at transsexual ****. Love those gurly ***** the most!!! Good to know you're still active. If I were in your area, I'd pay you a visit! Take Care!!!

I am too getting older, but as u said love to show the young people that we can still suck a hot **** !!

e often, now in my mid thirtys, than I ever did when I was a teenager.. My man, my fiance, he's a lot older than me, 60 now in fact; and he's most certianly still got a big sex drive, enough to take care of me, and my sexual needs, and he's most certianly still got a magnificent hard big ****, and able to *** for, and in me... We're like two besotted teenagers when we're together, and unable to keep our hands off of each other, or for that matter, unalbe to keep our ***** in our trousers... Sex has only, in my experience, gotten better as I've gotten older!