I believe it's just a number in two aspects.
First off, in relationships. In a sense, I believe there is a boundary for me. But that could be because no one has really changed my mind outside my age limit. But I believe that if a person makes you happy, there is no factor that should stop you two from expressing your love for the other person.(whether it be age, distance, etc.)

Secondly, I find that age doesn't dictate wisdom or maturity. As a high school student I know many who strive to be the best that they can. But I also witness adults that haven't gone to the fullest with their lives. I don't think older individuals should look down upon younger ones because they feel we can't understand. There is no "correct" way of going about something. Everything has a repercussions. We all make decisions that we later learn from. I feel adults have to let go of the chains they hold upon younger individuals whether it be their kids, nephews, nieces, and let them go out into the world and learn something. Yes, show them right from wrong. But you can't teach us everything. Show you trust them to do what they believe is right for them, but let them learn from the mistakes. I know it's not the safest in the world as it's been in the past. But I believe most of the time, kids do something because they know they shouldn't do it and they wanna feel what it's like to be rebellious if it means impressing others because of that. We all have to learn one way or another. But younger individuals should make their own decisions and learn. Not make the decisions that older people think should happen.
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Nice! That's exactly why my girls come to me, rather than mom, freedom of expression, ideas, desires, stupidity...the whole rebellious idea is rather wasted on me, if you want to be rebellious, don't pierce anything, no tattoos, get a real job, make a ton of money and have a white picket fence family you're happy with.