Bed Wetting Sissy Husband

Hi, I make my husband wear diapers and plastic panties every night and some times during the day too. He wets the bed and is 22 and never stopped being a sissy bedwetter
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im a bedwetter too

He is so lucky to have you as his wife. Someone who understands and supports him. I think a wet diaper is better than a wet bed and it's more responsible to wear one so your partner also isn't waking up in a wet bed and wet pajamas and having to shower to get it all off her. <br />
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Just as long as he doesn't mind being seen in his diapers or having other people know about him wearing them, I don't see anything wrong with it.

It is wonderful that your husband and yourself are such a good fit. I would love it if my wife had an interest in my diapers - but alas no. Diaper514, many men who like diapers also like to be exposed or humiliated in them. It can be a source of intense pleasure. Sounds to me like this is a very happy situation.

I was getting up several times a night to go to the bathroom which wakes up my wife so now I wear depends every night and when I wake up and have to pee I force myself to go back to sleep and if I wake up wet it is better than waking her up. We have a somewhat dominate disciplinary wife relationship.

I can understand that she doesn't want you wakeing her up in the night as she and you need your sleep , so I think your doing the right thing and maybe in time you can sleep right through and get a full nights sleep yourself , now want that be nice for you !

I told her that since she bought me depends she should expect me to wear them and not have to be told. I am somewhat a sissy husband that needs a dominate and disciplinary wife. I am allowed to get up once during the night to pee after that she expects me to use the diaper she buys me and I feel she is right.

I think youre the one thats being crule calling him a sissy notevery man that wets the bed is a sissy some of us have medical issuses

I think you are doing the right thing!!

Diane:<br />
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Seeing as your brothers were teen bedwetters, did you also have bedwetting issues into your teens?

i would feel ashamed if my wife told everyone i wet the bed and if her friends seen me wearing a nappy, but could be fun if you get to like it

thats amazing how people seem to just take it in their stride.

what do they think about that ?

SOME OF THEM LAUGH AND PAT HIM ON HIS BUTT BUT THEY SEEM TO UNDERSTAND AND AREnt cruel to him. When they talk with me most think that i am doing a good job of keeping the bed dry and also keeping him in line

do you let other people see him in diapers ?

Yes, Most of my friends know and have seen him in them plus some of our families

I wish I could find a loveing wife like you , so that we could take care of each other . <br />
Would like to hear more ie. how you first got him into diaper and his reaction .<br />
and thanks for your story :)

He has allways wet the bed so his Mom had him in diapers of one kind or the other and she had gone to comco plastic panties over his diapers when he was 13 or so and he found that they worked. when we first started going out and he told me that he couldn't spend the night i asked him why and he finaly admitted to still wetting the bed and upon further discussion told of needing diapers at night. i had two brothers that wet and they were in diapers up and into thier teens and many nights i had diapered them so i just told him that i would diaper him and also get him some plastic babby panties so he could sleep over. The first night when all was ready and he was ready I shaved off his body hair and diapered him and he was embarassed but went along with it and from then on any time he stayed at my place I would diaper him and stuff then we got married and admitted to enjoying being diapered and I realised that I enjoyed his submitting to what i wanted for him and now he is diapered generaly after supper and after washing the dishs he is usualy in just his diapers,panties and either a onsie or t shirt and some of his baby panties are really cute.

being a bed wetter as well it's great that your so understanding and placing him in a onsie makes it a little fun. I sometimes wear pull-ups during the day

He is lucky to have such an understanding wife.