Hospital Stay

I was in the hospital for surgery. As I was under 10, I was in the Pediatric Ward. After the surgery I awoke iin the middle of the night n a crib with sides, and I had to pee. I held it as lomg as I could, but eventually wet the bed. When the nurse came in, she found the wet bed. She was mad that she had to change the sheets, then she put me in a diaper and plastic pants for the remainder of my stay. When my Mom came for me and found me in a diaper, she questioned the Nurse, and was told that I wet the bed. After I got home she went out to the store and purchased some diapers and plastic pants. The night and for many nights after, I was diapered for bed. Of course I continued to use the diapers to be sure that diapering was part of my bedtime routine.
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I really envy you that you had that opportunity to be diapered for so long so early. I always wished for that and it took me so long to accomplish it. But now it's all good and here we are. Thanks for sharing.

Were you a bed wetter before going to the hospital?

I had not been a bed wetter prior to my stay in the hospital, but I became a bed wetter after because I enjoyed being diapered.

I do remember one of my young buddies telling me that when he was in the hospital to have his tonsils taken out they put him in diapers with plastic panties.We were 6-7. He also had lots of ice cream. Almost made me want to get mine out.

There is nothing more comforting than going to bed in a thick terry nappy and snug fitting plastic pants.

i love wearing my diapers and plastic pants as they make me feel safe and at the end of the day i need them as i have one messed up bladder with a mind of its own

me same way but i love wearing my diapers/rubber/plastic pants why feel so good

diapers and plastic pants all bed wetters no matter there age need to wear them

It was social pressure as a teen, that forced me to be dry at night. It was obvious that someone in the house wore diapers with diapers hanging on the clothesline.<br />
I did have occasional wetting accidents as a pre-teen, but there was only one time that I was diapered in the daytime. That is the subject of anothe story.

So why did you stop wetting at night ?<br />
and did you ever have to wear in the day time ?

I learned that as long as the diaper was wet in the AM, I would have to wear a diaper the next night. I was well into my teens before I stopped wetting at night and no longer had a diaper. I missed being diapered and wearing a diaper to bed. Now I have my own supply of diapers & plastic pants, and I wear a diaper to bed at every opportunity.

Well after spend good money on diapers and plastic pants , she was going to get her moneys worth out of them :)<br />
So how long did you have to wear them and did you start to use then as well ?

You were very lucky that happened. :)