Worth Making The Effort.

Three years ago I married for the second time and my new bride came complete with a highly spirited 6 year old daughter whoes a real darling but struggles with staying dry at night. My wife had previously taken her out of diapers at around 4 years old and had simply let her wet the bed nightly without making any real effort to control it. Once we were married I chastised my wife for taking so little interest in helping her with this problem and we introduced a routien of no fluids after 6.30pm, getting her up during the night, and spankings in the morning if she was wet. After a month or so with no success we took her to a doctor to have her checked out and the doctor explained that what was happening was pretty normal and there was nothing physically wrong and she would eventually grow out of it.

I decided that she should wear diapers to bed to both make life more comfortable for her and save on washing etc. My wife wasn't convinced but I pushed the point with her and on the way home stopped at the store so she could buy diapers. By this time our daughter was in tears and we almost had to drag her to the diaper Isle to look at the options.

It was a pretty emotional few days for everyone but eventually she settled into the new routien and relaised that the upside was no more wet beds, smelly room or spankings for wetting. She is still in diapers now at 9 years old and has accepted her fait.
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I'm going to join the other critics of spanking in this case. Spanking should be a punishment for matters within the child's control. Bedwetting fails that test - normally it isn't deliberate, although one does get the occasional case of attention-seeking. But diapering is another matter. Of course a bedwetter should be diapered, the absorbant layer covered with plastic pants (I recommend PEVA rather than PVC) and then a top layer fastened so that it cannot be removed by a reluctant wearer. They will soon learn that it is preferable to be dry rather than naked, even if it does curtail night-time self-arousal. (Kids who are diapered at night I personally think should be allowed an agreed, very private daytime opportunity to pleasure themselves. But there will be parents who disapprove of all self-arousal and eagerly take the opportunity to curtail it.)

I agree also that bedwetting is NOT a punishable offense. The kids can't help it. I have seen arguments on EP that it makes a kid lazy if he or she is "allowed" to just use a diaper. That's BS. It's senseless and cruel to punish a kid for wetting at night. But that doesn't mean that kids should be allowed to ignore it or refuse to be diapered. I think the point about making it impossible for a kid to remove the diaper is also a good idea. It's practical.

"But that doesn't mean that kids should be allowed to ignore it or refuse to be diapered." Very true, Jack. Bedwetting should not be punished but refusing to wear a diaper should. Maybe we should discuss methods by which it can be made impossible for a reluctant diaper wearer to remove their protection? I have recently been experimenting with an access-denial garment made of sailcloth material (as in a yacht's spinnaker), high-waisted so as to fasten tightly above the hips and having strong belt loops through which a lockable luggage strap can be threaded. The 3-digit combination lock can be re-programmed by the carer in the event of the wearer discovering the combination. The rip-proof sailcloth functions both as a diaper lock and as waterproof pants. The lock mechanism is flat enough not to dig in and interfere with the wearer sleeping on their tummy. Once on, access to both the diaper and the touch-sensitive anatomy underneath it is effectively denied via the waistline. A little more design work is needed on the leg openings, to prevent a naughty hand being slipped in that way with the intent of engaging in activities at odds with the carer's intentions.

Uh, you seriously came in and started enforcing spankings for your STEP child for a medical issue???

So not cool...

Sounds like my childhood. I was put back in diapers at age 5. Hated it at first but soon realized diapers were more comfortable than a wet bed.