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Another Dressing Story.

I am a boy. On December 14 i had a family party at my Aunts house. When we got ready for the party, i asked to mom what ll i wear, I was prepared to wear my jeans and t shirt with a shoe. suddenly my mom come to me and give me a kiss on my head and tell me that she want to see me with my sister's dress. i was shy. then she give me a bra and a panty to wear. i wear these. then she give me a blue stocking. then she give me a black A-line dress. i wear that. then she do my hair with some hair clips. i wear a red big earrings. then my mom take me in frontĀ  to dressing room. then she made me to wear some makeups. smokey aye shadow, eye liner, red lipstick, and paint all my nails with black color. after all she hug me and kiss me again on my head. she said me to go with this getup. i enjoyed a lot. :)
lizaranid lizaranid 22-25, T 12 Responses Jan 9, 2012

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What a nice mother to help you look pretty :)

Hmm no response to my question? I'm still waiting!

You have one wonderful mother

Wow! I would like it if your mum was my mum also she sounds wonderful!

Very nice story! But you didn't tell us about your shoes. Important detail! Also, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear the reaction you got at your aunt's place. Was it just as positive?

Cool!...I loved your story!

You have a wonderful mom. It was very special of her to pick out the girls outfit for you.

Sounds great

nice one

How exciting! It is wonderful to have a helping mom, isn't it, and no wonder you enjoyed that family part at your aunts. Bet you got a lot of complements ...

Very brave of u and your mom. How did the people at party respond?

Your mum must love you very much and likes to see you as a girl.