I Wonder How The World Would Be If...

If boys were required to wear dresses and skirts at some point in their lives.

I've wondered about this subject because of responses from women to the question of whether or not they would date a crossdresser. Naturally, when such a question is posed, some women say that they would date a crossdresser, others aren't sure, but most women say they would not. And I assume that the responders are, in fact, real women. However, I do suspect that some of "girls" who claim they would love to date a crossdresser may be male posers.

There is one sub-theme associated with women that say they would not date a crossdresser. And that sub-theme comes from those who follow their "no" response with "a man should dress like a man, and a woman should dress like a woman." This sort of answer will elicit all kinds of responses from crossdressers.

Many crossdresserrs get frustrated with that answer because of the underlying double standard. Women can wear men's clothes without real fear of reprecussion. Often times, a woman that wears male style clothing may even be considered quite fashionable. And of course, it wasn't too long ago that women had buck tradition just to wear pants.

People are far less accepting of a male that chooses to wear something traditionally considered as women's clothing.

So I wonder how the world would be if grade school aged boys were required to wear dresses and skirts at some point in their lives. For example, imagine if schools had a few days out of the year or a full week or more, where boys in the 2nd grade would be required to wear dresses or skirts. At that age, boys and girls bodies are much more similar, with the obvious excption of gentalia. I then wonder if that would make a difference in how women would respond to the question of whether they would be willing to date a crossdresser.

Now take that scenario just a step further. Let's say that boys would be required to wear dresses or skirts as adolescents. That would be even more interesting as at that age, as crossdressing can be a rather erotic experience for some. And just how far should the boys dress up? Would it be just the dress or skirt? What about shoes, or hosiery, even makeup. No doubt in my mind...this would desensitize everyone, to some extent, about crossdressing.

And be desensitize everyone - I mean both the girls and the boys. For example, girls would get used to seeing boys crossdress, and that would likely impact how they viewed an adult crossdressing male. Perhaps those girls who would otherwise respond negatively, may be more neutral. Likewise, some girls that wouldn't give a crossdressed male a 2nd thought, might actually find some of the crossdressed boys attractive.

The boys too, would be desensitized. I can only imagine how I would be today, if I had to wear a dress to school when I was an adolescent. Maybe I would be less obsessed with crossdressing - as part of the eroticism was associated with doing something you weren't supposed to do. Or maybe I would have taken my crossdressing much further much sooner. No one really knows for sure.

My point in all of this is that how we perceive of those who crossdress is greatly shaped by societal opinion. I remember the first time I saw a picture of a crossdresser on the internet. I have to admit, I did NOT find him/her attractive at all. You could even say I was repulsed. How hypocritical of me, as I had been crossdressing for years!! Today, I am not repulsed (unless I see a big, fat, hairy guy in a tutu or something ridiculous like that). And I think some crossdressers are attractive...not attractive in the sense that I want to have sex with them, but attractive to look at. I know part of the reason for the change is that I have seen hundreds of CDs pics on the internet, and have gotten used to it.

Perhaps if girls were exposed to crossdressing boys at a younger age, more women may be inclined to date us.

Food for thought!
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Love your utopian way of thinking, but only once in 2nd grade I think thats actually too little as one time only will probably not help the cause, all though I like the idea. I think it it needs to be much more than once in that 2nd grade, I think it would be much more effective if this was done through out elementary school, middle school and high school, as only way to properly learn is to repeat the progress long enough, often enough. You don't learn much about something that is not done often or in one class one time only.

In comparison take sex education as example. Where I live (i'm not from USA) in Iceland sex education is only done for 2 weeks only in 8th grade which is actually to little as i doesn't help much with helping a child understanding what sex is, and some of the important questions regarding it, there is no wonder there all short of confusion about sex, sexualities and fetishes in general. To make it worse some teacher are actually uncomfortable about it, and try and some skip over these chapter entirely. Educators and legislative bodies are making the honest mistake of thinking that children are sexual beings only when they hit puppetry not from the moment they where born, as I recall as child when I was 5-6 years old I was starting to wonder where the child came from and not getting so much honest answers at that age as well, wondering what my **** was for other than peeing. Now i´m can see what it is for but I would have preferred to know earlier. Thus I think general sex education, gender studies and Ethics need to be taught from elementary school up then we will get better system and society out of it.

I forgot, since girls pre-pupperty don't where makeup and fasion like clothes I think its good for boys if this utopia idea becomes reality that they go through the changes girls experience in clothes and makeup during the puppetry.

good thoughts, thanks for sharing!