Dare To Change A Boy.

I'd of written the experience differently such as I think all boys should be given space to wear skirts and dresses as outside of my own experinces, I feel we place rigid gender patterns on children, no least boys who are told they can't do things cos girls do but when a girl wants to break a similar taboo everyone cheerleads for her!
The kind of thing I like to see ideally at the earliest school ages is a boys dress up day where they can given some space to dress in either a skirt or dress while taking regular lessons. I'd also allow girls to wear boys shorts on day a week too just to get the chance to step off that divide.
It won't cause any harm to children - in fact it could be made into a game - but it would enable them to try different dress ideas out for themselves and give an opportunity to instil a respect for the right to be different in those who may well stay within the mainstream.
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Great Idea!

I would love to see this too, but there are many people that need to become more open before this could work!