They're Angels.

I believe that all children should be loved and let to enjoy their childhood.  Stories of child abuse disgust me. 

I have two of the most precious brothers in the world.  I mean, I know I am biased, but...



what wouldn't you do for those faces??

My father got with their mother when she was only sixteen.  She had their first son, the one on the right, right after her eighteenth birthday.  Thirteen months later, the one on the left was born.  From word go, the oldest one was drugged up on benedryl.  See, my father and his gf are on crack and they wanted the baby to adjust to their schedule of staying up all night and sleeping all day.

The second boy was born addicted to crack.  All he did was scream and cry.  I couldn't handle it so I usually would only keep the oldest one.  My family and I noticed that the older one was always terrifed of things, and it worried us.  My dad is a truck driver, not often home, and at the time, their mother was home alone with them all the time.  None of us trusted her.  We found it strange that the child was so scared of things like bathtubs and Mickey Mouse dolls. 

They were always so filthy.  I would be embarrassed going out in public with them and their mother because the babies stunk so bad.  She never bathed them and went so long without changing their diapers that they had rashes that would make them scream to have their diaper even removed.  I would try to take them as much as I could and give them baths and stuff.

The summer after I graduated I went to New York.  During this time, my youngest brother got his front teeth knocked out.  A one year old baby, got his front teeth knocked out??  The mother said it was the older son, who was only two at the time.  Now how in the world does a two year old knock out another kid's teeth??  That would take some force. 

I would often notice that she would be getting drunk when we went to go pick up the older one for the weekends, so we started getting the younger one too, despite his screaming. 

Then finally, something bad happened.  Their mother, while my dad was away, met some man on a chatline.  She invtied him into the home where my two and one year old brothers and three month old sister were.  They proceeded to do $1500 worth of crack in the house with the children.  Neglecting them, not taking care of them at all.  The oldest got my dad's hair clippers and shaved the younger one's hair off, allegedly, but for whatever reason now he is terrified of the hair clippers.

After that incident, finally she lost the kids for good.  I am so happy they are safe now.

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You are a great sister and what a relief that they are safe at last.<br />
<br />
It is no easy job being a parent but it is better to give it up an unwanted child than to take out your upset hurt and anger and leave your messy life on an innocent child who deserves the best.