Am I

the only one who finds all genitals ugly? 
alabastardragon alabastardragon
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I completely agree, i find them almost vomit inducingly ugly, it is beyond me how people can find them attractive

I agree with you on the dislike of anything smelly or slimy and will never understand people's wish to put a part of the body that we urinate out of into their mouths! Stick with your conviction and dont give in to their demands for oral sex if you are not comfortable with it! :-)

yay! i'm not the only one lol..i'm not COMPLETELY bad with fluids, but i dislike anything slimy/smelly etc, and when people go on about the taste/smell of their partner's genitals it makes me want to puke! :S i'm quite worried though because it seems 99% of men expect oral sex now, and to refuse them it seems prudish at best, if not cruel and selfish. but seriously, i find the thought of it repulsive..

I don't find them ugly either, Lordy , Lordy The human body is beautful, the whole body.Such a wonder,such pleasure definately a gift from God...

I don't think they are ugly. (although catching my husband from the back side bent over, I sometimes wonder if I am not looking at a shaved squirrel:) <br />
Oral sex and genital appearances are strictly personal choice. Neither is right or wrong.

I think we're talking about finding them pleasant or unpleasant to look at, not about hating them per se! And there's no right or wrong about that, any more than it's right or wrong to dislike the taste of a particular food or the odor of something. It;s not something you can help--you either like it or you don't. A complete human body has genitals and I wouldn't wish the loss of body parts on myself or anyone else--but I still find genitals ugly!

Yikes! Please don't go Freud on us. The discussion is slippery enough, lol. Thanx. :0)

I just found this site by typing in "Does anyone else think genitals are ugly?"...and found this site. I am dying of laughter. Glad I'm not alone in this thought, lol.

I also dont like anything to do with fluids which is also involved in it. Yuck.

I know what you mean.. the idea of oral sex grosses Me out.. after all, one ****** out of one's genitals as well and I am with you on the germs thing.. *wince*

i agree..i know this is weird but i always feel like they have germs..and never understand the whole 'oral sex' thing- sorry if i shocked some younger viewers lol..but seriously i can't believe how many people *do* just seems gross! the problem is how am i ever gonna manage to have sex if i'm so freaked out by genitals (esp. male) AARGH! :S

I agree about the germs. They all carry bacteria and viruses. Every disease known and unknown. I don't touch them, but I certaily like to see them, male or female.

Nahh, you're not the only one, I think they're ugly to :P

Theyre not the prettiest of things, i have to agree with you.

Hahahaha.. what an excellent image! She wrote the Bell Jar which I liked a lot. :-)

Most people are obsessed with them but i dont see how anyone can find them pleasing to look at, whichever gender.