You're A Catch

I was seeing this girl for about 3 weeks and started to really like her. When she sat me down one day and said.....

"look I'm still not over my exboyfreind and though we've had a really great time together and i think you're a real catch. I would rather us just be freinds"

My heart sank. But i didnt want her to feel bad so i told her that it was fine and was happy to be freinds. it had only been afew weeks and i knew i would get over it. But i did like her so iwas a little sad. When she then said to me.

"Oh I'm glad your ok with this. Its funny my freinds all think you are a real catch none of us could figure out why you dont have a girlfreind"

hhhhm i thought. maybe its the same reason you think its best that we just be freinds........possibly

I forgot to mention that the ex she's not over is 15 years older thane her, on welfare and has a kid that he never see's!!

all girls are lame!

bigmaxi bigmaxi
Jun 10, 2010