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so maybe not all men, but most, I'd love you guys to explain why your're not lying cheating shallow scu,mbags :)
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I have empathy for you, you have been cheated on as have I. This is a human condition as written by Junkard. I have had many thoughts on the situation I was in when I was taken advantage of. I know it hurt me, I understand that I have to take responsibility for my part in this time in my life, and strive to make better choices. I choose to work on me as a person, man and better human... Your response is always welcome! God Bless... please do remember to VOTE... get informed and vote! Michael

If men should explain that, women should too, obviously you're not oblivious to the fact women cheat as much as men do.<br />
<br />
It's wrong to cheat no matter your gender, but it is unfair towards those that are loyal, even if you say not all men, there's still quite some hatred towards all men in that message.

I find that hard to believe

Suit yourself, enjoy a nice solitude life full of hate.

it will be nice lol

I bet, but do explain to me why women aren't lying cheating scumbags though they do it as much as men do.

Can't explain it huh? Figures... Oh and don't give me the I couldn't answer because I was gone crap. :P

lol i only just got the notification, ermmm..... well its not in a womans nature, if theyre like that then thats the person but all men screw u over, even the "nice" ones

maybe im wrong, but i do think all men are as.s holes whether they're more inclined to cheat or not

Hmmmppphhh... Not in their nature, right right. You're probably just angry because a few cheated on you, doesn't mean all men do.

Besides plenty of women cheat, just take high school, there are girls who screw boys and then dump them just to go dive right into the next pair.

And what about the women in general, they have a loving boyfriend and they take him for granted or neglect them, sure sometimes it's the man's fault but to be so blind as to not see that women also cheat and be so ignorant as to think women don't cheat is pathetic in my opinion. You are very short-sighted.

Oh and by the way, a notification is instantly received once a new page loads, which kinda makes your excuse lame.

Anyways I'm gonna sleep now so feel free to think about an explanation why women cheat as much as men do before you insult more loyal men. ^^

PS. You said if women do cheat it's just in her nature, same goes for men. ^^

Gehehe nice speech and thanks. Guess that did the trick.

Not really i still feel the same but thanks for your comments

Suit yourself.

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