Hold On A Minute!!


Whoa Nelly, let's back up the cart and rethink that!  To be so young and decide "all" men are users, abusers, torturers and killers of good is sad!!

I certainly wouldn't want someone to say "all" women are Brass Bra'd , backstabbing, bellyaching, ******* who kill any good in this world, would you???

There are good men and bad just as there are good women and bad.  Maybe it would be better to have named this group something along the lines of "I HAVE MET MEN WHO ARE......".  Haven't we all?  But to make a blanket statement using the word all is a bit much. 

I noticed there was no story written, just a wild title ....... if things are that bad, write your story and let some of the EPeeps who have been through what you are goiing through try to help.  It really does work!  I hate to see someone so young become so jaded and cynical.

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Yeah, whoever created this group has already pissed me off beyond belief. I may be a figure of self-isolation, but I respect my people. If anyone is going to tell me I am a bad person because I'm a guy, I'm going to tell them "what a fail".

I had to make the decision too. My parents helped in the aftermath. I kept the abuse silent until I had the courage to leave. In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces.

I am conducting research to explore the help provided by parents when faced with their adult child's experience with domestic violence.

If you are interested, please encourage your parents to take a 20 minute survey at http://www.takesurveynow.2truth.com

I know, unshakable, that is why I wrote this. I noticed after KittyChanel and I wrote saying not ALL men are awful the young lady who wrote that removed herself from the group. I hope she gets some good advise and help with whatever made her say that. My trooper is everything to me and a very good man, they still exist :)

You are very right.I noticed the young today are either looking for attention else where or offering their body as token of their love.In my country,girls as young as 12 can walk into the hospital for an abortion without haviing to inform their parents.Its the girls fault not entirely man are bad.My Philip is everything.

Thanks conceptualclarity, I thought about passing it by with a shake of the head but decided NO, someone needs to speak up for the "good men" on this site!

I think this atrocious group should have been left to rot in obscurity, but it's good that people have spoken good sense against such nonsense.

Haha, Oh my no, dear trooper! You are wonderful, I was just a bit taken aback by such a rant on men by one so young!

Thank god! I saw this and thought "what the hell!" I thought it was over before it got started!!

fungirlmmm ~ Haha, alot of friends got worried I had lost my mind when they saw the title of the group. Never.... the trooper is one of the good guys! ;')

You had me worried girlfriend.

Yeah, it's not completely true, just mostly. The part about women that you added in there is also mostly true. I liked that part especially.<br />
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Quite fun.