It's a trait that every man should have programed in them some don't...and that's a shame...

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I understand, but If I'm going to walk up and meet a girl I'm not going to just be like "sup hoe"...I realize that there are some women that don't deserve it....

Not all women deserve respect, just as not all men do. Respect is something that's earned, not inherited.

yes as mom's and women we do have a large part to play in raising our boys into men. but boys also need to see women being treated with respect. <br />
I've done what I can with mine, and thankfully their fiends parents were of a similiar mind. <br />
Some respect is learned, and some is earned. so the other part of men respecting women is the women have to earn it. (and not just by virtue of our gender, but in our actions and interactions with others)<br />
the same goes for men tho...they start with a basic respect and have to earn the rest. <br />
it's not a gift, it's awarded for a life well lived.

I could not agree more too!! BUT!! I remind us women that it is us that raise the little boys so why are we not doing a better job at it? <br />
We all have been guilty some way or another. I remember one friend her 4yr old son while out shoe shopping picked out pink shoes for himself. The clerk kept trying her hardest to convince him that the boy shoes where some how better or would make him go faster. My friend, who knew if her son showed up in pink shoes at day care might get teased was having internal fight in herself about what to do. Finally she told him flat out if he wanted the pink shoes he could have them but he must realize that other children might tease him for his choice. It was a hard lesson for small child but he saw the reality of it. He chose a blue shoe...medium bright blue.<br />
Another time i was at my niece's day care and she wanted to dress up like a fire fighter...put on the helmet and jacket they had there. While doing it, a boy her same age says to her, you cannot be a fireman!! She answered yes i can, my aunt says i can be what ever i want to be!! I was so happy that I was allowing her to believe something I was not allowed to do!<br />
So, remember all men were once boys. Notice the relationship they have with their mothers. Believe me that is usually a good hint how they are truthfully going to be towards women. <br />
I know too....that many husbands force the stereo types on their childred despite the mom trying hard to break it. It is not just black and white, but in general i believe we as women can do a lot more in raising healthy boys to respect women.